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 World's Biggest Restaurant In Genis

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PostSubject: World's Biggest Restaurant In Genis   World's Biggest Restaurant In Genis Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 8:24 pm

The syrian restaurant "Damascus's Gate" deserved to enter the Genis Book as a capacity of 6014 customers, to be the biggest restaurant in the world
the tourism minister Sa'adallah Agha said: this great execution was achieved by a national person spent 40 years outside of Syria, and he's come back to his home to use his money in there and serve his homeland.

Al Agha wishes that it won't be the end, but the beginning and an encouragement for the other syrians who are outside and inside Syria to use their money in their homeland Syria, and an encouragement for travel as well.
Mrs. Muhannad Al Samman, the manager and the restaurant owner's son, Shaker Al Samman, said to syrianews that when he was in UK and knew that there had been a restaurant in Thailand as the biggest one in the world, why not to have something alike in Syria? and after the hard work, intention, and designing, he intended for a persmission to Genis two years ago, and the female expert came to check specifications, even she found out that the kitchen size is bigger than what was written, also she checked the number of chairs, and the permission has been accepted.
and the latest biggesr number was recorded for the biggest restaurant in the world in Thailand as a capacity of 5001 persons.
"Damascus Gate" is specialized for its disign, which looks like Palmira, and for its various restaurants, as indian and italian restaurants, also a restaurant made especially for the summer.


Translated By: Elie Moufeed Hazeem
Safita, 2\6\2008, 5:21 AM.
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World's Biggest Restaurant In Genis
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